Fulbright Specialist Program

Applications for the calendar year 2018 will be accepted between October 1 - 31, 2017.

Program Description

Please note: the following information is for the inviting host instutitutions only. Interested U.S. Scholars please refer to the information provided by the United States Department of State here.

For over 50 years, the Fulbright Scholar Program has sent leading U.S. faculty and professionals around the world to teach and research for terms ranging from three months to an academic year.

In order to extend the scope and reach of the traditional program in a new era, the Fulbright Specialist Program has been initiated to provide up to five short-term Fulbright grants of usually six weeks. Not only are grant lengths shorter under the new option, but grantees are able to undertake different types of activities.

Central to the new program, however, is the original Fulbright purpose of advancing mutual understanding, establishing long-term cooperation, and creating opportunities for institutional linkages.

A Fulbright Specialist grant may be funded for anywhere between 14 and 42 days, including travel days. The Fulbright Commission in Berlin will give preference to projects for the maximum program length of 42 days. The stay in Germany should be uninterrupted as it cannot be split up into several periods. Fulbright Specialist should include opportunities to collaborate with professional counterparts on curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning and a variety of other activities. For example, grantees may:

  • Conduct needs assessments, surveys, institutional or program research
  • Take part in specialized academic programs and conferences
  • Consult with administrators and instructors from post-secondary institutions on faculty development
  • Present lectures at graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Participate in or lead seminars or workshops at overseas academic institutions
  • Develop and/or assess academic curricula or educational materials
  • Conduct teacher-training programs at the tertiary level

During the academic year, applications will be accepted for Fulbright Specialists in the following fields:

  • Agriculture
  • Anthropology and Archaeology
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry
  • Communications and Journalism
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Information Technology
  • Law
  • Library Science
  • Math
  • Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies
  • Physics
  • Political Science and Public Administration
  • Public and Global Health
  • Sociology and Social Work
  • U.S. Studies in Art, Art History, Dance, History, Literature, Music, Popular Culture & Theater
  • Urban Planning


The Fulbright Specialist Program is open to qualified U.S. scholars and professionals in the fields listed above.

  • Inviting academic institutions (post-seconday higher education) can identify any qualified US Scholar (a name request). This person will have to go through a screening process for final eligibility.
  • Institutions can also select a candidate from an existing Specialist Roster (a list with pre-approved scholars). These "roster" scholars do not have to go through another screeing process. In order to access the list you should indicate the academic field from which you wish to select a scholar, and give us a short summery of the envisaged project. With this information we can then connect you with our American partners who will arrange for access to the list. Please fill out the attached application in the respective parts as requested including your own name, institution and contact information. The Fulbright Commission expects from the host institution to provide and cover the costs for accommodation, meals and in-country travel. Applications without full costs-share cannot be considered.


  • U.S. citizen at the time of application. Permanent resident status is not sufficient.
  • A PhD or equivalent professional/terminal degree at the time of application. For professionals and artists outside academia, recognized professional standing and substantial professional accomplishments are required.
  • Persons residing abroad for five or more consecutive years in the six-year period preceding the date of application are ineligible. Residing abroad is defined as living outside the United States for nine months or more during a calendar year. Duty abroad in the U.S Armed Forces is not considered disqualifying within the meaning of this section.
  • Disclosure of prior conviction or current indictment for commission of a felony. Prior conviction or current indictment may result in disqualification.

Applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or physical impairment.
Terms of Grant Grants awarded will include international travel and per diem.
Costs for lodging, meals, and in-country transportation must be covered by the host institution.

Application Procedure & Deadlines

We accept appliations for the calender year 2018 between October 1 - 31, 2017.

We will provide updated application information and a new application form by the end of July 2017.


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