Program News

Feb 05, 2019

First transatlantic Educational Experts Seminar

Until March 10, 2019, German and American higher education leaders can apply for the Educational Experts Seminar on “The Impact of Digitalization on the Future of Higher Education”.

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Jan 17, 2019

Mit Fulbright Germany im Sommer in den USA studieren

Noch bis Ende Januar 2019 können sich Studierende für das Summer Institute in den USA für Fachhochschulstudierende 2019 und das Intercultural Communication Summer Institute bewerben.

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Jan 11, 2019

Ready for take off

Noch bis zum 15. Januar 2019 können sich Studierende, die 2019/2020 an einer Partnerhochschule in den USA studieren möchten, bei Fulbright Germany für Reisestipendien bewerben. Die Stipendienleistungen beinhalten u. a. 2000 Euro und die Teilnahme am Berlin Seminar (16.-20. März 2019).

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Dec 20, 2018

On the Road! Exploring the U.S.-American Heartland

An exciting year lies ahead of us, Fulbrighters! You can still apply to embark on a week-long roadtrip as part of the Year of German-American Friendship (Deutschlandjahr USA). Groups of Fulbrighters will travel on three different routes to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.

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Nov 15, 2018

A look at lives of our travel-only grantees in the U.S.

Two of our current German travel-only grantees take you along their journey in the U.S. Jonas Breitinger, an aerospace engineering student of Stuttgart University, and Maria Fahr, who swapped HAW Hamburg for the California State University in Long Beach, California.

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Nov 12, 2018

Welcoming U.S. Journalists to Berlin

We have just welcomed 15 budding American journalists and journalism students to the Berlin Capital Program, our intensive weeklong seminar that offers a snapshot of the German media landscape via first-hand encounters and on-the-ground experiences.

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Oct 10, 2018

Administrators in International Education meet in Berlin

U.S. and German Administrators in International Education convene in Berlin for a three day Fulbright workshop to exchange on recent developments in U.S. and German higher education.

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Sep 27, 2018

“Meet-a-German“ goes live!

Follow our "Meet-a-German" activities and read about fun classroom stories on our social media feed. Discover on the interactive map which schools and Fulbright speakers are participating in the event.

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Sep 20, 2018

Welcoming 70 new Fulbrighters in Germany

From September 17 – 19, 2018 Fulbright Germany convened 70 U.S. Fulbright students, doctoral fellows and 5 aspiring U.S. journalists in Marburg (Hesse) to familiarize them with the German way of life.

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Sep 13, 2018

English Teaching Assistants started their Fulbright year in Altenberg

From September 3 – 6, 2018, 134 Fulbright English Teaching Assistants met in the Jugendbildungsstätte Haus Altenberg in Odenthal/Altenberg (near Cologne) for the Orientation Meeting to prepare for their Fulbright grant year. 

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