Cultural exchange with Meet a German 2021!


Thanks to its great success, Fulbright Germany in cooperation with the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) brought back Meet-a-German for a fourth round as part of Wunderbar Together.
This year, the initiative was also a main feature of the Fulbright Day we hosted on October 6 in honor of the 75th anniversary of the global Fulbright Program.

Meet-a-German offers American schools the wonderful opportunity to have a native speaker (or someone with first-hand experience of German culture) join their classroom for one lesson. It also provides speakers with the chance to contribute to international understanding.
We are happy to annouce: This year around 7.500 students at 217 schools in 45 US states “met a German”.

To continuously mitigate the spread of COVID-19, this year Meet-a-German event took place online via video conferencing platforms.
That being said: If COVID-19 permited, the speaker was in the USA at the time and was matched in the school area (which we strive for), they could also meet in person by individual arrangement and at their own risk.

In 2019, Fulbrighter Marian was a pioneer of the new online format @ Aina Haina School, HI


Around 7.500 students at 217 schools in 45 US states “met a German” in October.
Check out our interactive map to find the location of the schools that participated:


In 2019, already 7% of classroom sessions took place online because speakers and schools were not close enough to travel for that one session. In 2020 all sessions were online due to COVID-19. Both teachers and speakers gave very positive feedback regarding this virtual exchange:

“I was very happy to participate via the online format and felt that it worked very well. In terms of format, the teacher and I had a discussion beforehand about my background and interests in which I gave her some sample topics that I could speak about (e.g. being a POC in Germany, contemporary culture, majoring in German, etc.). The teacher then helped the students (9 and 10 graders) prepare questions in advance of our session. When I got to the session, I began by introducing myself (5 minutes or so) and then we had the q&a. This was all done in German. It was awesome to speak with the students and I hope they got something useful out of it.” (Fulbrighter Didem @ Swartz Creek High School, MI)

“My students and I loved our Skype day with our very own German. He patiently answered what may have been over a hundred questions for four hours and played a game with my students. He even opted to miss his favorite college class to be with my German students after lunch! We very much appreciated the opportunity to meet him via Skype.” (anonymous)


Teachers and speakers celebrating their successful virtual classroom sessions on social media (left: Fulbrighter Isabel @ Bismarck High School in Bismarck, ND; right: Pauline @ Liberty Park Middle School in Vestavia Hills, AL)

Participants can share their experience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags and by tagging:
- Instagram: #MeetAGerman #WunderbarTogether @FulbrightGermany, @AATGOnline, @WunderbarTogether
- Facebook: #MeetAGerman #WunderbarTogether @FulbrightGermany, @AATGHQ, @WunderbarTogether
- Twitter: #MeetAGerman #WunderbarTogether @fulbright_de, @AATGOnline, @Wunderbar2gethr

Did you join the virtual classroom from your kitchen table, your sofa or the balcony? Did you take a screenshot of the virtual session? (Before you take images with/of students, please ask the teacher to make sure that you have the permission to do so.)
It would also be wonderful to see the teachers’ and students’ perspectives reflected on social media – no matter whether your Meet-a-German session took place during an in-person class or as remote learning.

To celebrate the fourth round of Meet-a-German, we will select a winner (via lottery) from the #MeetAGerman pictures, who will receive a surprise!


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