Meet-a-German 2019 celebrated cultural exchange on October 3

October 3, 2019

Helping students to craft their own "Schultüten", inviting them to “ask-me-anything,” or playing games to practice the supposedly unmasterable German language - on October 3, German speakers visited schools across the U.S. to provide young Americans with a fresh perspective on contemporary Germany.

This year more than 150 “citizen ambassadors” and schools across 46 states participated in “Meet-a-German,” which is a greater number of speakers in more regions of the country than last year.

Created last year as a kick-off event for the Year of the German-American Friendship, “Meet-a-German” is now scheduled as part of its grand finale. It is organized by Fulbright Germany in cooperation with the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). 

Meet-a-German's greater popular success this year shows that there is a thriving interest in cultural dialogue.

Students at North Kirkwood Middle School in St. Louis, Missouri, met current German Fulbright grantee Malte Hansen on October 3

Below you can search our Activity Map, which shows all schools where Meet-a-German classroom sessions took place on October 3, 2019.


Meet-a-German is based on the idea that raising interest in other cultures and combating stereotypes is done most effectively through personal exchange.

It offers a great opportunity to American schools, particularly those that offer German language classes, to invite a native speaker or someone that can provide an insight into German culture into their classrooms. It also provides speakers with the chance to make a contribution to international understanding and to connect with local communities. We especially invite current Fulbright grantees and alumni to participate.

Quotes from Participants

We have received great feedback from the teachers and speakers who participated in Meet-a-German. We would like to share with you a small sample of quotes from messages that were sent to Fulbright Germany during and after October 3.

Quotes from Teachers:

“Having the students engage in conversation and Q and A with our guest auf Deutsch was invaluable to their language learning skills and a wonderful confidence boost! Also, it was an engaging opportunity for them to hear the perspective of a German on a wide range of topics from TV shows to politics. Thank you for making such a valuable experience possible”

“My students and I loved our Skype day with our very own German. He patiently answered what may have been over a hundred questions for four hours and played a game with my students. He even opted to miss his favorite college class to be with my German students after lunch! We very much appreciated the opportunity to meet him via Skype.”

Quotes from Speakers:

“We had a wonderful time today with one more advanced session on German politics and activism, and one session with first-year German students who asked me easy questions in German and then switched to English later. I'm actually planning to visit the school again to take part in some of their tabletop and DnD sessions on Friday afternoons, so the cultural exchange will continue!”

"As a soon-to-be teacher, it has been a wonderful experience for me to visit a school in the U.S. and to be able to talk with students about Germany. Thanks a lot for making this possible!"


You can use Facebook and Instagram to help us spread the word about Meet-a-German. Post a picture or video of yourself, your host school, or the students and show us what you did in your classroom session on October 3! Use our hashtags #meetagerman #wunderbartogether #fulbrightgermany and tag @fulbrightgermany.

To celebrate the second round of Meet-a-German, we will select a winner (via lottery) from the #meetagerman pictures, who will receive a surprise!


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