Meet-a-German is back!

October 3, 2019

Thanks to its great success, Fulbright Germany in cooperation with the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) was asked to bring back Meet-a-German. We are thrilled to report that Meet-a-German is now officially an annual event!

Meet-a-German was originally created as kick-off event for the Year of the German-American Friendship on October 3, 2018. Leading fun and interactive classroom sessions, almost 170 speakers used the occasion of this historical date (Day of German Unity) not only to discuss Germany’s past, but to provide American students with an insight into what life is like in today’s Germany.

Around 6,000 students in almost 40 states had the chance to “meet a German”. You can find the location of all of the schools that participated last year here.

This year we want to make the event an even greater success! With your help, we would like to reach our goal of bringing Meet-a-German to all 50 states.

Students at Honolulu’s Aina Haina Elementary School met Denis Salle, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Registration - Sign up until August 15

If you are a teacher or administrator interested in hosting a Meet-a-German speaker at your school, you can register as a host school here: I want to register as a host school!

If you are either a German who resides in the U.S. on October 3, 2019 or an American who has lived in Germany, you can register as a speaker here: I want to register as a speaker!

If you register as a speaker, you have two options for being matched with a school:

  • Your first option is to independently connect with a school that is willing to host you. You can inform us of the school you would like to visit when registering.
  • Your second option is to let Fulbright Germany match you with a school in your proximity.

As we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a school that is located close to you, we recommend speakers to take the initiative and contact schools in their cities or neighborhoods. Last year’s experience shows that this is the most effective method of linking speakers with schools.

Please note our data protection declaration and data protection information regarding your registration.

Gregor Gabersek and Silvana Hummel at the Oswego East High School, Illinois


Meet-a-German is based on the idea that raising interest in other cultures and combating stereotypes is done most effectively through personal exchange.

It offers a great opportunity to American schools, particularly those that offer German language classes, to invite a native speaker or someone that can provide an insight into German culture into their classrooms. It also provides speakers with the chance to make a contribution to international understanding and to connect with local communities. We especially invite current Fulbright grantees and alumni to participate.


Make it Fun. The classroom sessions should be interesting and exciting for the students. You can be creative in what you will do. Last year’s participants took students on a virtual trip through Germany using GoogleEarth, played games, did quizzes, sang songs or invited students to an “Ask-Me-Anything” exchange. You can also receive inspiration from the summaries of some of last year’s classroom sessions, which you can find here.

Make it Personal. The classroom sessions can focus on anything from history to German pop culture, language, or current affairs. Choose a topic that is meaningful to you. Since the idea of Meet-a-German is to allow for a personal exchange, we would like to encourage you to talk about yourself. Give students a chance to connect with you on a personal level. It may lead to the discovery of cultural similarities and differences or to the questioning of stereotypes. For the preparation of your classroom session, you can use a variety of materials that you can download here:


Click here to see all downloads


You can use Facebook and Instagram to help us spread the word about Meet-a-German. On October 3, post a picture or video of yourself, your host school, or the students and show us what you are doing in your classroom session! Use our hashtags #meetagerman #wunderbartogether #fulbrightgermany and tag @fulbrightgermany.

To celebrate the second round of Meet-a-German, we will select a winner (via lottery) from the #meetagerman pictures, who will receive a surprise!


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