Education in Germany - Good Practices and New Perspectives

June 24 – July 7, 2018

Program Description

The seminar Education in Germany targets active U.S. teachers from all types of schools and from all relevant teaching areas. It is administered by the German-American Fulbright Commission in Berlin in close cooperation with the University of Regensburg and its renowned Teacher Education Centre.

This professional development seminar will offer participants the opportunity to gain insight into the German education system with the goal of enriching their own teaching and fostering transatlantic dialogue. The program seeks to provide new perspectives on education and enhancing cultural understanding, including a comparative look at both the U.S. and the German educational systems and societies. As a result of the participants’ experience in Germany, their school communities will be able to strengthen their own global awareness and become a prominent member of the world-wide Fulbright network.

The participants will receive an overview of the contemporary German school and higher education system while discussing the current situation in the state of Bavaria as a case-study. The seminar also analyses the recent educational reforms as a result of private and public sector demands for skilled workforce in the context of global competition.

The syllabus places emphasis on ensuring good practices and raising standards in teacher education. It also covers current issues such as the growing diversity of the student population and the refugee situation in Germany and Europe. Moreover, participants are invited to experience the importance of the dual education model first-hand by visiting a vocational school and a local company, taking into account that Germany’s vocational sector is a cornerstone to its economic success.

The above topics will be covered in lectures, panel discussions and by visiting schools in and around Regensburg – primary and different types of secondary schools: The participants will experience every day school life, learn about the schools’ interaction with the community as well as their inclusion and internationalization strategies. There will be many opportunities to meet with German colleagues, administrators, students to share personal experience and professional expertise.

The seminar will take place in Regensburg, a Bavarian city about an hour North of Munich. It is known for its historical roots dating back to the Romans and its beautiful medieval city center. A weekend excursion to Nuremberg will highlight the rich history of the region.

Grant Benefits

The award covers round-trip transportation from the U.S. to Germany and the costs of the program in Germany, including hotel accommodation (single rooms with breakfast), local transportation, excursions, several meals and health insurance during the seminar. Participants may extend their stay in Germany at their own expense.


The seminar is open to primary and secondary school teachers of all subjects and from all public and private primary and secondary schools in the U.S. The program will be conducted in English.


  • American citizenship and a valid American passport are prerequisites; applicants with dual (German-American) citizenship are not eligible to apply.
  • Applicants need to be employed full-time as a teacher and must have a minimum of three years of work experience.
  • Selected candidates of the program will need an official leave of absence from their school authority.

Application Procedure & Deadlines

  1. Please download and save the application form below under file name: “EduGermany2018_Lastname, Firstname.pdf” (use Adobe Reader 11 only).
    Fill out the application form electronically and save again.
    Send the completed application form as an e-mail attachment to:

  2. Print the completed application form and add your handwritten signature.
    Additionally, have your professional supervisor hand-sign the application form (page 2)
    Please add the following documents to your printed application form, then scan all files in one pdf-file and send it to

    a. Statement of Motivation (please use Fulbright form below)
    b. Curriculum Vitae (max. one page)

    Please note that two separate files from the applicant must reach us by December 18, 2017:
    the completed electronic application form (in order to process your data electronically) and
    the pdf-file which includes the scans of the signed application form plus all supporting documents.

  3. Letter of Recommendation (please use Fulbright form below):
    The letter of recommendation should be written by your professional supervisor, bear her/his signature and if possible institutional stamp.
    It has to be sent directly to the Fulbright Commission as a pdf-scan:

Application Documents:

Deadline for submission: December 18, 2017

Please do not send us your application by postal mail and note that incomplete applications as well as illegible files cannot be considered.

Selection of participants and notification is expected at the end of February 2018.


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