Oct 30, 2017

U.S. Administrators go Europe

Traveling German style: waiting at the station in Cologne for the fast train to Brussels

After having explored the German Higher Education in Germany, their Fulbright program brought the 15 Administrators to Brussels: Here they met with U.S. colleagues who had participated in a similar Fulbright program in France and could discuss similarities and differences between their two host countries. 

Regarding the German Higher Education system, the Fulbrighters found the egalitarian approach of education as a public good and the nationwide prevalence of high quality public schools most noteworthy. They were impressed with the visionary internationalization efforts of the German schools they had visited and the strong focus on vocational aspects - especially at universities of applied science, so called dual schools and technical universities.

U.S. Administrators in Higher Education who have participated in Fulbright programs in Germany and France convening at the Grand Place in Brussels

In Brussels they also had the chance to learn more about EU programs designed to not only foster more academic exchange between European countries, but also between the EU and the rest of the world: At the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission, they discussed the potential of Erasmus +, Marie-Sklodowska Curie measures or the Jean Monnet program to enhance academic exchange between the U.S. and Europe. 

Other highlights of their stay in Brussels - which was kindly hosted by the Belgian Fulbright Commission - included a reception at the U.S. Embassy in Belgium on invitation of the Chargé d'Affaires, a.i. Matthew Lussenhop, and of course a taste of Belgium's rich culinary culture.

With many new insights, contacts and ideas for future collaboration the Administrators in Higher Education have now departed back to their home institutions all over the U.S. - as part of the Fulbright family we are sure to stay in touch.  

Transatlantic-European relations: Oliver Schmidt, Erica Lutes and Arnaud Roujou de Boubée - Executive Directors of the German, the Belgian and the French Fulbright Commissions, during the reception at the U.S. Ambassador's Residence

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