May 12, 2017

Teaching and Learning in the U.S.

Bard College is one of many host institutions for German Language Teaching Assistants

The German Language Teaching Assistant (GLTA) program offers advanced German students who are being trained to become English language school teachers a unique opportunity to gain classroom teaching experience in the U.S.

As primary or assistant teachers they assist experienced professors at small U.S. universities and liberal arts college in the instruction of German. In order to ignite the U.S. students' interest in the German language and culture and to strengthen already existing exchange programs with Germany, the GLTAs enrich the German classroom with first-hand cultural information and authentic experiences, engage in German conversation clubs, and help to organize German cultural events on their host campus. In return, the host institutions offer the GLTAs free room and board, the free enrollment in academic courses, and a small stipend. The Fulbright GLTA grant covers the transatlantic air fare and two GLTA enrichment seminars in the U.S.

Fulbright grantee Anna Engelmann states: "Teaching my native language to lots of curious, dedicated students was the greatest challenge I have ever faced but it was also the most life-changing experience I have ever gained."

You can read about her experience as a German Language Teaching Assistant at Bard College here.


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