May 26, 2017

Fulbright Specialist Lecture

Professor Martin Murray giving his lecture at Technical University Dortmund

Professor Martin Murray, grantee in the Fulbright Specialist Programs, gave a lecture at the Technical University Dortmund on May 17, 2017 - addressing the refugee crisis at the start of the 21st centurey and deconstructing its myths and realities.

Martin Murray is a tenured full professor of the Taubman College urban planning faculty at the University of Michigan. He began his academic career as sociologist with a strong foundation in urban geography.
His current research focuses on two fields of inquiry: first, the trajectories of global urbanism at the start of the 21st century; and second, the turn toward master-planned, holistically-designed "private cities" built from scratch, especially those currently under construction or in the planning stages in urban Africa.

In May and June 2017 Martin Murray serves as a senior expert and guest lecturer at the Technical University Dortmand offering a seminar for students of cultural studies and urban planning in cooperation with refugee students. (See TU Dortmund website.)

The Fulbright Specialist Program has been initiated to provide to the German-American Fulbright Program up to five short-term Fulbright grants of usually six weeks. Not only are grant lengths shorter under this option, but the U.S. grantees are able to undertake different types of activities in collaboration with their professional counterparts in Germany. Such activities include joint research, curriculum and faculty development, teacher training programs, lectures and workshops, needs assessment as well as surveys.

The Fulbright Specialist grant provides for international travel and a per diem. The German host institution covers the costs for lodging and meals, and for in-country transportation, if applicable.

For more details see the Fulbright Specialist Program Announcement.

Photo credit: Nikolas Golsch/ TU Dortmund

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