Mar 21, 2017

Follow our Leaders in Entrepeneurship

25 German Bachelor’s students of engineering and technical sciences are currently at the Louisiana State University, where they complete their intense 3-week Fulbright program “Leaders in Entrepreneurship” from March 12 until April 1, 2017. Through its thematic focus on entrepreneurship, the program closes a gap in the German higher education system, which often exclusively links entrepreneurial approaches with business studies and leaves out the important component of technical and entrepreneurial innovation.

The seminar has three main components: classes and lab visits at LSU’s College of Engineering, with ample opportunity for exchange with advanced U.S. students of engineering; a one-week introduction to entrepreneurship, with excursions and guest talks by local entrepreneurs; and excursions to local engineering facilities in various industries (oil, gas, chemistry, shipbuilding, aeronautics).

Participant Thanh Ngo Chi from the Technical University Berlin, shares his experiences of this program in a blog.

Thanh Ngo Chi (right) and his fellow program participants in Louisiana.

Funding for “Leaders in Entrepreneurship” is made available by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The program will be continued next year, and the call for applications will be published on our website.

The participants of the 2017 program "Leaders in Entrepreneurship" at the Louisiana State University.

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