Feb 02, 2017

Advancing the world

Mohamed Kari enjoying a perfect view over Los Angeles on top of Mount Hollywood

“The one thing that all Fulbrighters have in common is that all of them are very unique personalities and try to advance the world by exchanging thoughts and ideas. My experience with Fulbright reshaped my understanding of open-mindedness and international friendship.”

Mohamed Kari (University of Duisburg-Essen) reflects on his Fulbright exchange experience. A Fulbright student of Information Science at California State University in Los Angeles, he belongs to the group of  65 German grantees who were selected for the Fulbright Program “Studienstipendien” in the academic year 2016/2017.

Fulbright Enrichment Seminar: Mohamed Kari and fellow Fulbrighters from all over the world coming together for a potluck dinner in the garden of Ann Kerr, Fulbright Coordinator at UCLA´s International Institute

The „Studienstipendien“ provide German students who have completed their Bachelor degree (or six semesters of study in the traditional Magister/Diplom programs) with generous scholarship support.
The scholarships are open for all fields of study, except medicine (with the exception of public health), dentistry or veterinary medicine. The students enroll in graduate programs (Master/Ph.D. level) at relevant universities all over the United States for a semester (4 months) or one academic year (9 months).
They expand their academic, professional and personal skills in challenging study programs of their own choice.

Approximately 65 “Studienstipendien” are offered each year to German students with excellent academic records, a strong study project, and demonstrable interest to learn more about the United States. As Fulbright ambassadors they share with their American host community aspects of German culture through participation in extracurricular and community activities. The students benefit from the extensive network of international Fulbright fellows in the U.S.

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