Oct 30, 2017

On Iberian Culture and Flamenco

By Analeigh Horton

Analeigh Horton

I realized that the United States' Spanish language education system focuses mostly on Latin America.
I have degrees in Spanish and Latin American Studies, but realized when I moved to Spain that there was a lot of Iberian culture that I had never learned!

This project presentation at the Berlin Seminar 2017 reflects on my experience learning about Spain through taking flamenco classes and concludes with me giving a mini lesson to the audience.

Deseo que lo disfrute!

Analeigh Horton is a 2016-2017 Fulbright ETA grantee to Spain. Before moving to Madrid, she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. During her time as an ETA, she was recognized by the US Embassy for her volunteer work and enjoyed soaking up Spanish culture. She presently resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where she is teaching English and studying for a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language at the University of Alabama. Afterwards, she plans to pursue higher education and international scholarship. She currently volunteers with the Spanish Embassy in the US, using her experiences to inspire others to study in Spain. Her main interest is in fostering international friendships through study abroad, second language acquisition, and intercultural communication.

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