Aug 24, 2017

Multicultural Teacher Education for Immigrants and Refugees

By Professor Frederick Ricci

Professor Frederick Ricci during a series of teacher education graduate seminars at the University of Potsdam.

As a Fulbright Specialist grantee I developed and conducted in conjunction with Professor Dr. Britta Freitag-Hild a series of teacher education graduate seminars at the University of Potsdam and focused on multicultural education for migrants and refugees. Due to the recent rapidly expanding cultural diversity in Germany by the growing increase in the number of immigrants and refugees entering the German education system, it was evident that teachers needed to increase the awareness of cultural diversity and be able to demonstrate the skills needed to respond to the intercultural immigrants and refugees who have entered or are entering the educational institutions in Germany. 

Developeing methods and materials teaching migrant education programs of instruction.

The Fulbright project focused on the development of 10 multicultural modules designed for graduate teacher training students consisting of Syrian teachers, Eastern European teachers, and German and other European Community educators. We developed methods and materials teaching migrant education programs of instruction to assist the graduate teacher training classes with resolving the challenges of multicultural students entering or presently within the German school system. Teacher training students and in-service teachers were brought together with the 10 module series of 6- hour seminars each week with the ultimate objective developing new instructional methods when the educators returned to their respective teaching positions. We developed teacher training programs of instruction consisting of ten modules focusing on the following: Cultural Diversity, Multicultural Education Theory and Practice, Intercultural Theory, Esteem, Empathy and Equity in Multiculturalism, Models of Culture, Methods Assuring Quality Education to Refugees, and Multiculturalism and Critical Thinking. Each module conveyed information on developing intercultural competence, provided multicultural teaching research, and explored the needs of the present educational systems when dealing with cultural diversity in schools. The teacher training graduate students developed individual plans for change and originated new curriculum for multiculturalism adaptation within the educational system leading toward growth and innovation in teaching immigrants within the expanding multicultural educational environment.

The focus of this project emphasized methods of teaching strategies for elementary and secondary schools. Students developed for adaptation a refugee curriculum and received instructional materials appropriate to the curriculum. Students evaluated present curriculum and noted any bias, stereotypes and deficiencies found within the existing programs of instruction. The teacher education experiences provided training on culture, ethnicity, race, racism, stereotype prejudice, core values, and immigrant oppression and refugee discrimination. Dr. Freitag-Hild and I are collaborating on a manuscript for publication.  In addition, Dr. Freitag-Hild will pursue possibilities of cooperative teacher education programs among Nova Southeastern University, Georgetown University, and the University of Potsdam.

Professor Dr. Britta Freitag-Hild during one of the teacher education graduate seminars at the University of Potsdam.

Dr. Ricci is a Professor of Education, Doctoral Programs at Nova Southeastern University, and former Distinguished Professor, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. In Europe, he served as assistant to the Director of St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain and as a professor and administrative fellow at the American University in Rome, Italy. He has conducted business and teacher educational programs for multinationals, universities, and governments in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the United States.  As a faculty status contractor with the United States Department of Defense, he held academic adjunct positions at American University and George Washington University in Washington, DC and Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA. Professor Ricci has served in the U.S. Air Force and an Instructor with the U.S. Navy PACE program on United States military bases. He holds doctorate and master's degrees from Boston University in Business and Education coupled with post-doctoral programs of study in Multicultural Relations at Oxford University, Centre for Management Studies, Oxford, England and postdoctoral studies in the Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA

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