Jun 12, 2017

It’s Not a Dream, It’s a Fulbright!

By Carolyn Campbell-Golden

Opening day session in Berlin with Reiner Rohr German-American Fulbright Commission

Awestruck and inspired. These words describe my feelings from the moment I arrived in Berlin in 2016 and held true through all my travels and experiences in this wonderful country. It felt like a dream. The Seminar for U.S. Administrators in International Education was a perfect fit for this history enthusiast and higher education nerd.  But honestly, how could anyone not be awestruck and inspired when standing in the midst of the symbolic and revered Berlin Philharmonic, Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial, Kaiser Wilhelm Church, Leipzig City Square, Pergamon Museum, Victory Column and many other places!

I was also awestruck and inspired by the multitude of opportunities this seminar provided to deepen my knowledge about my great passion, higher education--this time on an international scale. The Seminar immersed me in a broad array of comparative educational experiences at Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Leipzig University, OSZ Automotive Technology Vocational School, Technical University of Berlin and University of Bonn.  Meeting, listening and discussing the top issues facing these leaders and higher education administrators in Germany, has made an impact on me difficult to express.

Leipzig University hosted a wonderful lunch for us and U.S. Consul General Scott R. Riedmann provided welcoming remarks.

However, I believe the renowned psychologist and founder of the study of higher education, G. Stanley Hall expressed it best when he stated:
"Germany almost remade me...It gave me a new attitude toward life which I can only illustrate by a few items, although these do not do justice to the inner transformations which occurred in me during, and later because of, my period of study there."

Truly these experiences widened my perspective on higher education in immeasurable ways and affirmed my belief that establishing strong relationships between higher education and private partners such as, university alumni, business and industry, as well as state, national and international stakeholders, is of paramount importance to the success of higher education institutions, society as a whole, even the world.

I look forward to once again putting the Fulbright mission into action when I have the privilege of returning to Germany in June as a panelist at the ID-E Conference, Exploring Difference: The Third Mission of Universities –Strategy and Practice for the Collaboration with Business and Society. While I am honored to participate, I am even more thrilled to once again meet, learn and discuss the importance of the Third Mission with fellow panelists and colleagues in attendance from around the globe.  


Carolyn Campbell-Golden received the 2016 Fulbright grant “U.S. Administrators in International Education”.  She has worked in higher education for over 25 years and currently serves as Vice Chancellor for Advancement at Auburn University at Montgomery in the United States.  Carolyn’s research interests are graduate level higher education curriculum and enhancement of graduate education programming through curriculum assessment, development and engagement with diverse stakeholders in the higher education at large community. 

Auburn University's press release on Ms. Campbell-Golden's participation in the ID-E conference 2017.

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