Nov 25, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Daniel Wagner, responsible for network development & alumni at Fulbright, interacting with guests during the 2019 Thanksgiving feast at Frannz in Berlin.

With the words "grateful for each of you" setting the tone for the evening, Fulbright Germany and the DAAD joined together with about 300 current grantees, alumni, board members, colleagues, friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving in Berlin. From the alumni-jazz musicians who performed and also relayed their experiences of warm welcomes to study in a foreign land, to the ever-growing variety and delicious care evident in the enormous dessert potluck made by and shared with all guests, the many rooms at Frannz in the Kulturbrauerei were radiant with joy and graciousness. To those who were able to join us for the evening - and those who could not - we thank you for another year of intense and fruitful cooperation in "turning nations into people."

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