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Jun 20, 2018

Our first Trilateral Science Slam rocks SO36

Over 400 people gathered at SO36 in Berlin Kreuzberg on June 19th for the first Trilateral Science Slam! They heard and cheered six amazing slammers from Germany, the USA, and Russia:

Frieder Neunhöffer, an economic scientist and Fulbright alumnus talked aboutWhy poor folks vote for a multi-billionaire to be president’.
Lauren Davidson, Chemistry student and current Fulbright grantee made the audience aware of bioremediation of bisphenol A in the water.
'Why astronomers like to get high when they look for alien worlds' was the topic of the Astrophysics student Daniel Angershausen’s presentation.
Ksenia Karbysheva, a biologist from Russia showed us 'How to marry happily ever after if you are a tree'.
The current Fulbright grantee Chelsea Nnebe, a psychology and mathematics student gave an insight into the formation of false memories. 
And last but not least Nikita Mesheulov, a civil engineering student from Tomsk, showed us ‘An airbag for buildings’.

Ksenia Karbysheva the winner of the first Trilateral Science Slam

And the winner is…

Ksenia Karbysheva! Her quirky and witty stage presence, combined with the romantic fairy tale she spun around the relationship between trees and mushrooms she studies in Russia, won over the hearts and minds of the enthusiastic crowd.

The evening was brought to you by Fulbright Germany, the German-Russian Forum e.V. and policult, with the generous support of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

If you would like to see more pictures from the event, please go to our Facebook page.

Photo credit: Karo Krämer

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