Mar 17, 2018

Berlin Seminar 2018

Ever since the first American Fulbrighters came to Germany, the Fulbright Commission has arranged a mid-year seminar providing an opportunity for grantees to get together, share experiences, and discuss the accomplishments and challenges of the past semester.

Today, the Berlin seminar not only convenes the current American Fulbrighters in Germany, it also includes the German Fulbrighters-to-be, and many American Fulbrighters studying, teaching and performing research in Germany´s neighboring countries. It thus offers lots of opportunities for intercultural meetings, interactions and networking.

The participants will also gain interesting insights into how the eastern and western parts of the city have moved closer together, where different traditions keep them apart, and how Berlin is growing into the role of being Germany´s capital city.

Comprehensive information regarding the Berlin Seminar 2018 and registration is available here:

Deadline for registration is November 30, 2017.
EU-Fulbright Grantees can only register via their local Fulbright Commission.

Call for Contributions:

Deadline for applications is January 2, 2018.

Fulbrighters at the Berlin City Hall during the Berlin Seminar 2017

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