Oct 17, 2017

We welcome two new colleagues!

Friederike von Reden

The Fulbright team welcomes Friederike von Reden and Alexander Kiehne.

Friederike will assume responsibilities for Fulbright’s special programs and strategic development. Her previous professional experiences include work with the Association of Arts and Culture of the German Economy at the Federation of German Industries and the Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation. Friederike is a McCloy Alumna and graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School. She also holds a Master’s degree in modern history, arts management and civil law from the University of Muenster.

Alexander Kiehne

Alexander joins us with a strong background in organizational development. He will support Fulbright in the conceptualization and implementation of the strategic and organizational transformation towards ‘Fulbright 2022’.

For the last 14 years, Alexander worked as a systemic consultant on change management, strategy development and leadership development with a specialty in organizational culture development. His work ranged from the field of economics, to administration, science and civil society. He also worked as a researcher and visiting scholar at several business schools, teaching on a variety of subjects, including entrepreneurship, organizational complexity, leadership and systemic change.




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