Mar 19, 2018

Fulbrighters in Action

Berlin Seminar 2018 - Day 3

On day three of the conference Fulbright grantees presented their research projects - ranging from "a carbon neutral electricity grid" to "gender diversity in Spain's leading corporations".

A keynote speech by Dr. Cornelia Schu (Managing Director of the SVR – the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration – and Director of the Expert Council ́s Research Unit) on “Immigration Country Germany | Current Trends and Future Challenges” inspired discussions among Fulbrighters as did a variety of workshops on  "Diversity in European Politics", "Bitcoin ́s impact on society" and "Social Entrepreneurship" - and on various other topics.

The day was concluded with the Fulbright Ceremony, hosted by Executive Director Dr. Oliver Schmidt. Over 800 guests - Fulbright grantees, alumni and friends of the Fulbright program - enjoyed Fulbright grantees presenting their reserach projects, listened to the Fulbright Jazz Ensemble and to the keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Heinz Bude (University of Kassel) on “How to Heal (Not Only Save) Western Democracy”.

Representing the binational Fulbright Board - Mike Reinert (Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy Berlin) and Ronald A. Münch (Unit Head, German Federal Foreign Office) also addressed this evening's guests before a reception and more music from the Fulbright Jazz Ensemble offered a lot networking opportunities.


Photo credit: Fulbright-Kommission/Stefan Zeitz

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