Teaching Assistantships at German Schools


U.S. students holding at least a B.A. by the time of arrival in Germany, typically in German or German Studies, but other subjects will be considered if applicants have a good German proficency. 

Applicants with a U.S.-German dual citizenship are not eligible.


  • U.S. citizenship
  • A high level of academic achievement
  • Good German proficiency (at least two years of college-level German)


The program helps to improve the teaching of the American language and American studies at all types of German schools. American teaching assistants usually cooperate closely with a German teacher of English and take over certain responsibilities in the classroom, especially with regard to projects on the U.S. The duration of the award is usually one school year, beginning in early September and ending in late June.

University affiliation and part-time study may be feasible when the assigned school is located in or near a town with a university.

The program is conducted by the Fulbright Commission in close cooperation with the P├Ądagogische Austauschdienst (PAD) in Bonn.


Approximately 140 grants are available, all in the full maintenance category.


  • Monthly stipend of currently Euro 800
  • Health insurance
  • International travel 
  • Current German visa regulations require a valid passport for American grantees traveling to Germany. The Fulbright Commission assists its grantees in applying for a residence permit after arrival.
  • Orientation and mid-year meetings
  • General administrative support through the Fulbright Commission in Berlin.


Applicants still affiliated with a university should consult the Fulbright Program Advisor at their institution for application information and deadline. At-large applicants (no longer at a university) should contact the Institute of International Education directly.

Applicants should contact their advisor or the IIE in the spring preceding the year in which they wish to apply for. 

All applications will be reviewed by special selection committees, and grants are awarded in competition and depending on funds available.


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