Berlin Capital Program

November 13 - 19, 2016

The Program
The Berlin Capital Program, organized by the German-American Fulbright Commission on behalf of the German Foreign Office, will invite up to 15 young American journalists and students of journalism to Germany to participate in a series of seminars, presentations, and visits to important German media and German political and cultural institutions. The one-week program will be conducted in English and is fully funded by the German-American Fulbright Commission.

Purpose of the Program
For the purpose of fostering transatlantic relations and promoting professional and academic networks between Germany and the U.S., this intensive program offers young U.S. journalists the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the political, economic and cultural environment in Germany/Europe with a special focus on the German media landscape and the role of media in politics and society.

Program Activities
The American journalists selected to participate will explore some of the central political, economic and cultural factors that shape German society. In discussions with specialists in the print, radio/TV and the new media, the journalists will learn about the role of the media in the political decision-making process in Germany, and will gain closer insights into the transformation of the German media landscape and how these changes affect the functions and responsibilities of journalists and their dialogue with the public. The program will further investigate the challenges and opportunities related to the continuing process of European integration and offer first-hand experiences with the German capital of Berlin, its diverse culture, and its changing course of history. The participants will depart from the U.S. on Saturday, November 12, 2016 in order to arrive in Berlin on Sunday, November 13, 2016.

Financial Coverage
The award benefits include program costs including hotel accommodation, round-trip transportation from the U.S. to Germany and back, local transportation, health insurance coverage during the seminar and a small incidental allowance.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must

  • have U.S. citizenship and a valid U.S.-American passport
  • permanently reside in the U.S.
  • demonstrate relevant background and professional interests
  • be a young professional journalist, currently employed by U.S. media in the U.S., with fewer than 5 years of work experience in the field, or a Master’s student in the field of journalism or communications at a U.S. university or a graduating senior in the field of journalism or communications at a U.S. university


Part 1
1. Please download the Fulbright Application Form and save under file name: “BCP2016_Lastname, Firstname.pdf”  (use Adobe Reader 11 only)

2. Fill out the application form electronically and save again

3. Send the completed application form as an e-mail attachment to:

Deadline for submission: June 7, 2016

Part 2
4. Print the completed application form and add your handwritten signature. Additionally, have your professional supervisor/academic advisor hand-sign the application form (page 2)

5. By adding the following supporting documents to your printed application form, you will complete your application:
a. Statement of Motivation (please use Fulbright form)
b. Outline of Professional Interests (please use Fulbright form)
c. Curriculum Vitae (max. one page)
d. At least one Letter of Recommendation from a professional supervisor (if applicant is a young professional journalist) or from a professor (if applicant is a student) -- (please use Fulbright form and note that handwritten signature is requested)
e. Five of your most recent journalistic work samples (weblinks will only be accepted from radio/ TV-journalists and must  be included in the Statement of Motivation)
f. Academic transcripts (only documents bearing the official stamp of the university or marked “issued to student” will be accepted)

6. Scan the signed application form and all supporting documents listed above (5a-f)

7. Send the scans of the application form and all supporting documents as one pdf-file to

Deadline for Submission: June 7, 2016.

Please note that two separate files (Part 1 and Part 2) must reach us by June 7, 2016: the completed electronic application form and the pdf-file which includes the scans of the signed application form plus all supporting documents. Please do not send us your application by postal mail.


Special Programs
Email contact
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10787 Berlin

Participants of the Berlin Capital Program 2010 at ARD - a German public television station.